From airport to
laser empire -
The story of
Seven Laser hair

Kathleen, a former ground stewardess at an airport, decided to leave her job to become a laser hair removal specialist. After having an appointment at a hair removal clinic herself, the idea struck her. She found the work interesting with a lot of potential in the market.

How it began

It didn't happen overnight. To work in a laser hair removal clinic, one needs a beautician's education and training in laser hair removal. During her training, Kathleen continued to work as a ground stewardess.

Deep down, she always dreamt of starting her own business. This was expected, as her husband, parents, and other family members all run their own businesses. Entrepreneurship was instilled in her from a young age.

The first steps of Seven Laser Hair Removal

To gain initial experience, Kathleen got in touch with a beauty salon that offered laser hair removal treatments. After a few months of freelance work, the adventure began. Kathleen transformed a space into a laser hair removal clinic with low overhead costs. Most of the marketing is done on Social Media. Instagram brings in the largest influx of new customers.

Kathleen also uses the local newspaper to promote her new business. The number of clients is steadily increasing, but for Kathleen, it's not fast enough.

Not everything goes right the first time

This was also the case for Kathleen. Kathleen had just started her laser hair removal business and was looking for 'guinea pigs'. Her sister volunteered. Everything seemed to go well, except that the treatment was a bit more sensitive this time. Kathleen wanted to turn off her laser machine but then realized she hadn't turned on the cooling button. “We both had a good laugh, and I was glad it happened with my sister and not a paying customer.”

Scheduling and rescheduling appointments is super easy.

Advice to younger self

Building a business doesn't happen as quickly as you think. I expected my schedule to be packed now that I've been at it for over half a year. Things are definitely moving in the right direction, and the number of clients is steadily growing, but not as fast as I had hoped. It's not surprising; I'm not selling a simple product. It's an expensive service I offer, and it takes time to build trust with clients. The strategy I have works; I see clients coming in through Instagram. It's just a matter of being consistent and patient.

It can take about 3 years to build a large enough customer base.

The help of Vev

Kathleen has brought her cancellations down to almost 0: “Scheduling and rescheduling appointments is super easy. The fact that you can fully customize Vev in your own style is really cool. I'm very satisfied with it!”

Vision for the future

The ultimate goal is to open a large chain offering all laser-related services, but that will take some time. I've learned from people in the industry that it can take about 3 years to build a large enough customer base. So, I'm holding onto that, but I've also thought about the future.

Once I have a large customer base, I'd like to open a larger facility, and once that's successful, I plan to open branches in other cities. I also hope to expand the range of services. I'm going to start a new training soon to remove tattoos. Finally, I'd like to hire staff and scale up significantly in the future.

Kathleen has a clear vision and goal. Even though things aren't moving as fast as she hopes, her dream of building a large chain is getting closer to reality every day.

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