Mobile veterinarian field service software

Frictionless veterinarian field service management for both you and your pet owners. Join thousands of other veterinarians in the field doing their best work with Vev, for free!

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Mobile veterinarian

Free field service software for mobile veterinarians that just works

Mobile veterinarian routes planned for you

Vev's mobile veterinarian software automatically plans the most efficient route depending on the appointments of that day, just fire up directions via Google Maps or Apple Maps to get going.

  • Vev plans an optimal route
  • Reduce your travel time
  • Take control over your clinic

Get fair call-out costs

Please the clinic bank account and the pet owner by charging completely fair and transparent call-out costs. Either choose a flat fee, and/or a price per mile or kilometer. Even rule out small appointments with a minimum amount.

  • Charge fair call-out costs
  • Charge a flat fee or a price per mile / kilometer
  • Possibility to rule out small jobs

Manage your mobile veterinarian work area

Don't drive hours for a small job, decide your own work area and let the system automatically reject pet owners outside of it. All booked slots within your area will automatically appear in your dashboard.

  • Control your work area
  • Don't botter with pet owners you can't help
  • Keep overview in your dashboard

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Vev is very intuitive and simple! It helps me greatly to avoid chaos.


Field service software for mobile veterinarians

Complete overview

Vev shows you pins for the upcoming stops you’ll be making and plans an optimized route. Making the connection between service appointments as seamless as possible.

As a clinic, you know your time is precious. Vev's smart route calculation makes the shortest route between appointments. This reduces your travel time, giving you more time making a difference with your business.

How far do you want to go?

You decide your own service area, pet owners enter their address and will immediately see whether their location is within your service area. The call-out cost is calculated depending on your rules, like minimum service value, start pricing and/or distance-based pricing.

The best way to get there

Your exact route for that day keeps being optimized with each new incoming appointment. Turn-by-turn, if needed, instructions are available with support for all major map apps on your phone.

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Your pet owners are king

All info in one place

From your pet owners' contact information to their previous and upcoming service appointments. Let your clinic flow more smoothly, knowing that all of your pet owners’ information is stored securely in Vev - and just a tap away no matter where you are.

All pet owner information is securely stored with Vev.

Add a note

It’s nice to be able to add a note when working in the field. That way you make sure you always find the front door of the pet owner, and to know to not ring the doorbell when their kids are sleeping.

No more forgotten appointments

A completely automated email will remind your pet owners in time that you are coming - ensuring that you will never be left waiting in front a closed door again!

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I got my first booking through this

Kapsalon Prince

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Being able to reschedule appointments is super nice!

Eva Wolters


This is so simple to use!

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Wow!!!!!!!! This looks amazing! 😱

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This is perfect for me. Thank you!

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Accept online payments on your clinic

Before or after hitting the road

No more need to carry cash, or do administration after the appointments of that day. Have your pet owners pay either before or after the appointment, using only your phone.

You can use any device you own as long as it has an internet browser. When you have an iPhone you can soon use Tap to Pay on iPhone.

Your iPhone is your payment terminal

Introducing tap-to-pay, allowing you to use your iphone as a pin terminal. No more need to carry around any additional hardware, just bring your phone and you are good to go!

Any device is good enough

We don't only build for iPhones, using a QR code on your android phone / tablet / laptop you can also have your pet owners pay for your services directly on the spot.

In case you missed anything.

Create your clinic in 3 simple steps

  1. Add the details of your clinic

    Business name, email address, and physical address.

  2. Customize your page

    Add photos, descriptions, and set your pricing.

  3. Share the link with your pet owners

    Get appointments by sharing your link on your website or social accounts.

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Mobile veterinarian