Lemonade stand ordering system

Give your customers the ability to order lemonades with your lemonade business online at ease, for free!

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Lemonade stand ordering system

A free ordering system for lemonade stands that just gets it

Your lemonade business ready for business, 24/7

It’s never been easier to accept online orders from your customers. Use your Vev-link on your website or social media profile to let customers place their orders for pick-up or delivery within the opening hours of your lemonade business.

  • Share your unique link with customers
  • Your customers order online
  • Delivery or pick-ups are both supported

Your lemonade stand offering on full display

With Vev's lemonade stand software you get one simple page with your entire offering (or menu of lemonades), complete with all its variations, sizes, and versions, available online for customers to browse through. Enrich it with beautiful photos and descriptions to make your lemonade business stand out even more.

  • One simple ordering page
  • Your entire offering of lemonades
  • Add photos and descriptions

The easiest way to get paid

You decide if customers have to pay for their lemonade right away, pay a deposit, or pay on the spot. Vev is as flexible as you and your lemonade business need it to be and will follow the order- and cancelation policy you set.

  • Get paid your way
  • Set your own order- and cancelation policy
  • Flexibility for lemonade connoisseurs and their customers

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Vev is very intuitive and simple! It helps me greatly to avoid chaos.


The first lemonade stand ordering system that just gets it

An ordinary tool, to do extraordinary things

List all the lemonades you have for sale. Add the (size) variants you have, and/or upsell with options. Charge for shipping (or not), and let customers place their order from any device. They don’t need an account, it’s all about processing orders for your lemonade business with ease.

One link to share with the world

No matter if you take pre-orders or are just fulfilling lemonades. Just share the link with your community and see orders come in one by one. Customers can pick their own day and time, saving you a lot of back-and-forth on when exactly they need their lemonades.

Great for ordering. Easy to work with

Orders are neatly presented in a daily overview. You (and your customer) get automated emails for every order. Orders get automatically marked as ‘Paid’ when customer online, or you can mark them manually as ‘Paid’ later on. Export monthly sales reports for your lemonade business, to stay on top of the lemonade stand game.

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Loved by lemonade business owners that love their customers

A simple overview.

Orders are shown as grand totals per day, or see the breakdown per time slot for your lemonade business. This way, all lemonade connoisseurs know exactly what to expect throughout the day.

Vev lets you focus on your day. You can get a summary of your day, see all your orders, and even see the customers you will be seeing. At the end of the month you will automatically receive monthly insights.

See who’s a regular

Tap into their contact card to see exactly when and how many times a customer has ordered lemonades with your lemonade business before. See past and upcoming orders, and scheduling follow-ups is also just a tap away.

Small details matter

That’s why you can attach a little note to each and every customer’s info card. Making sure that you never forget even the smallest preferences of your customers. A guaranteed smile on their face!

Some of our heroes using Vev

I got my first booking through this

Kapsalon Prince

Wellness & Beauty

Being able to reschedule appointments is super nice!

Eva Wolters


This is so simple to use!

Elisah's Clips


Wow!!!!!!!! This looks amazing! 😱

Sunlash Studio

Wellness & Beauty

This is perfect for me. Thank you!

Beard beard


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It pays to work with Vev

Take debit or credit

Let customers not only order lemonades via your Vev page, but also confirm them with an online payment. Securely connect with Stripe to accept online payments with your lemonade business. Popular methods for debit and credit cards such as Apple Pay, Google Pay are supported.

You can use any device you own as long as it has an internet browser. When you have an iPhone you can soon use Tap to Pay on iPhone.

Refunds are built-in

Depending on the cancellation policy of your lemonade business, customers can also get a manual or automated refund if plans change or a lemonades is no longer available.

Scan to Pay

A QR code will pop up on your screen to let customers pay with their own device. Lemonade connoisseurs can then accept payments for the full amount, or settle the remaining balance if they already paid a deposit via Vev.

In case you missed anything.

Create your lemonade business in 3 simple steps

  1. Add the details of your lemonade business

    Business name, email address, and physical address.

  2. Customize your page

    Add photos, descriptions, and set your pricing.

  3. Share the link with your customers

    Get orders by sharing your link on your website or social accounts.

No credit card needed.
Lemonade stand ordering system