Shuttle Service Software

Looking to streamline your shuttle service business? Vev's free software enables customers to book online, accept payments, maintain an overview of pickups and drop-offs, set vacation schedules and upsell customers easily.

Reservation system for Shuttle Services

How does Vev's software help plan shuttle routes?

Vev's shuttle service software makes it incredibly easy to plan shuttle routes. The software allows you to easily set pick up and drop-off locations and update the route if changes are made, ensuring that everything runs smoothly throughout the day. To sum up:

  • Set you pickup and drop-off location 
  • Software designs optimized route
  • Easily manage pick-up and drop-off point 
  • Quick updates if changes are made

Can Vev's software be used as a point-to-point transfer booking system?

Yes, Vev's shuttle bus booking software can be used as a point-to-point transfer booking system as well. This feature is especially useful for businesses that cater to tourists traveling to and from the airport, or for transportation between events or locations. With the point-to-point transfer feature, customers can easily book their transfer, make payments online, and receive a confirmation via email. To sum up:

  • Use as point-to-point transfer booking system
  • Ideal for airport transportation
  • Customers can book transfers, make payments, and receive email confirmation

Point-to-point transfers made easy.

How does Vev's online booking system for shuttle buses work?

Vev's online appointment system for shuttle buses is simple to use and adaptable to any shuttle service business. Customers can place their bookings online, get picked-up and dropped-off, and make payments via credit card. Using our shuttle service scheduling software, you can easily manage bookings, maintain a clear overview of the schedule, and receive an email for every shuttle service booked.

To sum up:

  • Simple and adaptable online booking system
  • Accept payments via credit card
  • Clear overview of bookings and email confirmations

Can Vev's software help me manage vacation schedules and exceptions easily?

Yes, Vev's shuttle service software caters to businesses that need to manage vacation schedules and exceptions easily. With the software, you can set your own opening hours or exceptions for vacations and holidays. Customers can also cancel or change their upcoming shuttle services easily, and you can change your settings to require advance scheduling and keep track of customer details through the in-built CRM.

To sum up:

  • Manage vacation schedules and exceptions easily
  • Set opening hours and vacation exceptions 
  • Customers can cancel or change services
  • Option to require advance scheduling

Does Vev's software allow customers to cancel or change their upcoming shuttle service?

Yes, Vev's shuttle bus booking software supports payment processing via credit cards and other common payment methods. You can easily enable these payment options. Vev's software also ensures secure and reliable payment processing, providing customers with better peace of mind.

To sum up, Vev's shuttle service software supports payment processing through reliable and secure credit card payment and other common payment methods.

Run your shuttle service software on auto-pilot With your new toolset

  • Sell

  • Marketing

  • Payments

  • Business

  • Learn

  • Auto pilot

  • Overview

  • No-shows

  • Customers

Schedule again

In just a tap your clients become regulars. Get the best date and time for the next appointment. No upcoming appointment? You and your clients are reminded to schedule a ride again.

Sell smart

Add options, durations, variations, preparation time, cleanup time and your duration to help your clients schedule.

Define your own duration

Some appointments don’t require your attention the whole time, so you can help another client.

Schedule deadline

Choose till what time clients can schedule a ride.

Time suggestions

With 'Smart suggestions' you can optimize your day by letting clients choose from suggested times. Or choose 'Show all slots', this will show the best times first, but clients can then choose to see the full list of time slots.

Hide items

Hide rides so you can only schedule them for your customers.






Auto pilot




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