Teeth whitener appointment scheduling software

Allow clients to schedule a time at your teeth whitening business that works for them, and for you. Get appointments for your teeth whitening business without you having to do anything!

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Teeth whitener appointment software

Free teeth whitener appointment scheduler system to run your business with ease

Teeth whitener open for scheduling

Let your clients schedule teeth whitener appointments based on the business hours of your teeth whitening business. Share your Vev link on social media or your website to let your clients easily book their next teeth whitening.

  • Share your unique link
  • Let clients self-schedule
  • Your teeth whitening business is open 24/7

The friendliest teeth whitener appointment tool

Vev's teeth whitener software is easy to work with. See appointments roll in from your dashboard or your favorite calendar app. Adjust the availability of your teeth whitening business as needed, to let clients self-schedule freely.

  • Appointments appear in your dashboard
  • Integrate with your calendar
  • Your agenda always up-to-date

Smart teeth whitener scheduling built-in

After a few appointments, Vev gets in tune with your clients’ preferences. If they always prefer Thursdays at 4, we’ll keep proposing that slot for their next teeth whitening.

  • Vev remembers each client
  • Automatically proposes the best time
  • That is called frictionless scheduling

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Vev is very intuitive and simple! It helps me greatly to avoid chaos.


Simple teeth whitener appointment scheduling for all

A scheduling tool to fall in love with

Right from your scheduling page, clients see exactly when you have availability. They can not only book their slot, but also opt for any additional teeth whitening you offer. Reduce missed appointments by asking a deposit, or full payment.

Our goal is to let you focus on your talent. Vev will take care of the rest. You'll get your own website, we'll handle reminders, payments and a lot more. Every week we ship new features that will make your work-life easier.

Automated communications

After booking, clients receive a confirmation email. Depending on your settings, they can modify or cancel their booking online. Clients will also get a reminder email ahead of their appointment, and a thank-you email post-appointment. Encouraging them to schedule another appointment at your teeth whitening business.

Seamless calendar integration

While appointments are managed on Vev, you can also sync them with your preferred calendar tool. Ensuring you’re always up to date, and easily see your teeth whitening business and personal appointments from one place.

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Redefining a teeth whitener scheduling tool

Streamline your business

Clients only see the days and time slots you have available. Set standard opening hours for your teeth whitening business once, and adjust them as needed. This way, no client can schedule appointments beyond the availability of your teeth whitening business.

Flexible breaks are 10/10

As an practitioner, you might be okay with a slightly delayed lunch. Vev allows you to set up breaks that happen within, let’s say 12p and 2p. Giving clients maximum flexibility to schedule something, while not forgetting about lunch for practitioners.

Personal time blocks

Life is unpredictable. With “Me Time”, you can instantly block out slots on any day. No matter if it’s for an attend or an impromptu day off without any teeth whitening.

Some of our heroes using Vev

I got my first booking through this

Kapsalon Prince

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Being able to reschedule appointments is super nice!

Eva Wolters


This is so simple to use!

Elisah's Clips


Wow!!!!!!!! This looks amazing! 😱

Sunlash Studio

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This is perfect for me. Thank you!

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Enhance teeth whitening business scheduling with digital payments

Hassle-free payments

Just like the big apps and teeth whitening businesses out there, you can accept payments to confirm appointments. Once a slot is chosen, your clients have 30 minutes to finalize their payment. Adjusting or refunding is straightforward.

You can use any device you own as long as it has an internet browser. When you have an iPhone you can soon use Tap to Pay on iPhone.

No additional hardware is required

Whether it’s your phone, tablet, or computer, that’s all you need. Your clients quickly scan a QR code for on-the-spot payments, completing the process from the comfort of their own device. No more hassle to pay for teeth whitening.

Payments are flexible by design

From the payment settings, choose whether clients of your teeth whitening business pay a deposit (fixed or percentage-based) or the full amount. If you prefer offline payments, that's possible too. Just mark the appointment as 'Paid' manually after a client has paid for their teeth whitening.

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Create your teeth whitening business in 3 simple steps

  1. Add the details of your teeth whitening business

    Business name, email address, and physical address.

  2. Customize your page

    Add photos, descriptions, and set your pricing.

  3. Share the link with your clients

    Get appointments by sharing your link on your website or social accounts.

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Teeth whitener appointment software