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The best online CRM for pet trainers. Add all your pet owners, write down specifics and never forget a detail again, for free!

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A free CRM system for pet trainer businesses like yours

A better contact list for your pet trainer

No frills, just the pet owner info you need displayed on your phone, tablet, or computer. Buttons to call, text, or email your pet owners are right there. Including an overview of their previous and upcoming appointments.

  • Works on any device
  • Pet trainers can easily call, text, email their pet owners
  • Immediate overview into previous and next appointments

Smart pet trainer scheduling built-in

After just two-three appointments, Vev's pet trainer software understands the rhythm of your pet owners. Meaning, the system automatically suggests a next date that’ll probably work best for both you as the pet trainer as well as your pet owners.

  • Vev helps to plan your pet trainer
  • It gets to know your pet owners fast
  • Proposing the best time for the next appointment

Pet owner preferences - or the name of their kid

Be the pet trainer with a memory like an elephant. Add little tidbits of information, preferences, or write down verbal agreements your pet trainer made with pet owners. Store it all right inside their contact info cards on your Vev CRM.

  • Never forget a detail
  • Store all pet owner info in the Vev CRM
  • Be the pet trainer with a memory like an elephant

Vev is very intuitive and simple! It helps me greatly to avoid chaos.


A CRM for pet trainers with big plans

Open Vev on any device

From any device, you can view, create, update, or cancel any appointment. Your pet owner data is always safely protected. And power up your page by adding support for online payments, so pet owners can pay for their training directly.

Vev lets you focus on your day. You can get a summary of your day, see all your appointments, and even see the pet owners you will be seeing. At the end of the month you will automatically receive monthly insights.

Keep your personal touch

Vev is designed to help small pet trainers stand out. Giving you a leg up against the rest with a modern CRM system, without losing the charm of a small pet trainer.

A great overview

See all pet owner and appointment information neatly grouped by day, or volume on your dashboard. Get automated emails for every , and a monthly recap to keep tabs on how things are going for your pet trainer.

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It’s all about your pet owners

Everyone in one place

See the pet owner database of your pet trainer grow with every appointment. Always have your pet owner name, phone number, email address, and notes at hand. Be ready to schedule something, or change upcoming appointments.

All pet owner information is securely stored with Vev.

Get in touch within 2 taps

It’s easy to give your pet owners a quick call, text or send them an email. Since all of their contact info is stored right inside Vev, just hit the phone or email button to get in touch with your pet trainer pet owners within seconds.

See you next time

Vev quickly figures out the rhythm of your pet owners. Some might come to see you weekly, others monthly. Whenever they hit ‘plan again’ the Vev CRM automatically guesses the best date and time for both the pet trainer and the pet owner.

Some of our heroes using Vev

I got my first booking through this

Kapsalon Prince

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Being able to reschedule appointments is super nice!

Eva Wolters


This is so simple to use!

Elisah's Clips


Wow!!!!!!!! This looks amazing! 😱

Sunlash Studio

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This is perfect for me. Thank you!

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Think of Vev as your pet trainer virtual assistant

Hassle-free admin

Share your Vev link with your pet owners or community to let them plan from the comfort of their own devices. Vev will only propose days and time slots based on your pet trainer' availability. All relevant contact details are filled out by your pet owners and are safely stored in your Vev CRM.

Our goal is to let you focus on your talent. Vev will take care of the rest. You'll get your own website, we'll handle reminders, payments and a lot more. Every week we ship new features that will make your work-life easier.

Take some ‘Me Time’

Sometimes you just wanna block off your calendar for incoming stuff. Me Time is a simple feature to do just that. Run a quick errand and be back in 15, or take the rest of the day without training.

Add Vev to your calendar

Like an assistant, Vev can automatically add each and every incoming appointment to your calendar. Just subscribe to the feed from any popular calendar app and see all planned training appear in your calendar.

In case you missed anything.

Create your pet trainer in 3 simple steps

  1. Add the details of your pet trainer

    Business name, email address, and physical address.

  2. Customize your page

    Add photos, descriptions, and set your pricing.

  3. Share the link with your pet owners

    Get appointments by sharing your link on your website or social accounts.

No credit card needed.